"Are you still in business?"--Hyper support ghosts customers, spurring outrage

May 2023

Hyper, known for making some of the best GaN chargers, as well as docks, battery packs, and other accessories, has some work to do to win back customers after numerous complaints of its support team going silent and the dysfunction of its 1-800 support numbers. The silent treatment was so bad that some questioned if Hyper was even a company anymore. Hyper tells Ars Technica that it, indeed, is still a company and that its support services are now back on track after facing technical difficulties amid a revamp following its 2021 acquisition by Targus.

The silent treatment

Various complaints about Hyper's support over the past few weeks are easily found online. A Reddit thread from Monday, for example, urges people to stop buying Hyper products due to a lack of tech and RMA support. The user, "eat_pb," claimed to have sent in a HyperJuice battery pack for replacement since one of its USB-C ports stopped working.

"Fast-forward 4 weeks and I've heard nothing from HYPER. No replacement battery pack has been shipped. I've sent several emails to their support address, asking about the status of my RMA, with no answer. I've tried calling the support phone numbers listed on their website, but both numbers have been disconnected," eat_pb wrote.

There are similar accounts shared on Twitter. One user claimed to be unable to get a recall claim fulfilled. Some have complained about unfulfilled orders.

This user, for example, claims to have been speaking with Hyper's support team online, only to eventually be ghosted for three months and still see no resolution after four months:

.@Hyper Guys, this is ridiculous and outrageous. I've been asking for a solution since September last year, now I've been ghosted by your customer support SINCE 4 MONTHS AGO
A month ago I opened a new ticket and that's when I got the only reply: that I shouldn't open any new ones pic.twitter.com/WfkuzVLwjE

On Twitter, many of the complaints have responses from Hyper's Twitter handle, asking the customer to email Hyper's support team, but some customers responded saying they have emailed Hyper and/or direct-messaged details to the Hyper Twitter account and received no response:

The lack of communication prompted some to wonder if Hyper is even still in business.

@Hyper are you still in business? I've had a support ticket opened with no response for 20+ days. Ticket: 292420

As recently as Monday, Hyper's online support page had been sharing a 1-800 number to contact, the same number its Twitter account had recommended to some customers. However, when I called it on Monday and every day since, I got a busy signal.

Over the past weeks, Hyper's Twitter kept directing people to support channels for which Hyper seemingly had limited to no ability to monitor. The company didn't provide an explanation to online complaints about why Hyper support was virtually non-existent until a day after Ars Technica reached out to it about the complaints.

"We apologize for the delay in our customer service response time. Unfortunately, our phone line is currently down due to technical difficulties. Rest assured, we are still here to support you through our email [email protected]. I'll DM you in regards to your case," Hyper's Twitter account wrote on May 2, responding to a frustrated user's April 30 complaint.