Dynamic Harmonic Life


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Specialties: Offered Services: * Evolutionary Wholistic Treatment" $150 90 Minute Personal Transformation Wholistic Treatment ... A deeply intuited treatment Personally crafted for each Individual. Includes: ~ Set Intentions ~ Divine INtuitive Guidance & Counsel ~ Breadth Work ~ Earth Meditation ~ Chakra Clearing & Balancing ~ Distance Reiki ~ Tools to Practice & Move Deeper in daily Life * 60 Minute Distant Reiki Session $100 * Reiki I Attunement and Training via Skype $175 * Reiki II Attunement and Training via Skype $200 * Reiki III Attunement and Training Online $300 Established in 2014. "A session with Olga: wow!! Beyond! Amazingly magical and profoundly altering. Her hands tap into the angelic realms, and her wisdom surfaces with divine intuition and grace. Olga is a true healer and a Reiki experience with her is tapped in, energetically awakening, and full of compassionate understanding. If you have never experienced energywork, go see Olga for a session and open yourself up to receive! You will feel it!! And likely be changed for the better as a result!" Arianna Gouveia, Owner @ Arievolution Healing Arts Olga Montes is an expert Reiki Practitioner who is connected to the highest healing energy of the Cosmos and Mother Earth. She precisely accesses the needs of her client, helps to lift any and all imbalance, then replenishes and revitalizes. You will leave her session grounded, inspired and radiating. You will feel deeply connected, strongly grounded, and full of new perspective. She has been my healer for many years and I am grateful beyond words for her extraord


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